Biological Signaling

Accugentix™ is venturing into research on biological signaling. Our bodies are full of electrical signals in order for us to function. Tapping into those signals could be the key to treating many illnesses, such as: cancer, paralysis, mental health disorders, immune disorders, epilepsy, and many more.


We can define the functioning of our biological systems by learning more about the electrical signals emitted from our nerves, cells, DNA, and more. By tracking these signals, and learning more about what signals are seen in healthy individuals and comparing them to the signals observed by individuals with specific illnesses, will allow us to create electrical signaling treatments. These treatments could train or guide our biological systems, cells, and DNA to perform optimally. In the case of diabetes, it could guide pancreatic cells to produce more insulin. In the case of paralysis, it could help individuals regain control of their paralyzed limbs. In the case of mental health disorders, it is commonly used to train the brain’s electrical connectivity and ease symptoms. For cancer treatment, the goal of the electrical signaling treatment will be to help our biological systems to perform optimally, which could potentially help to decrease the development of cancer. It can also be used to force the cells into apoptosis (cell death). This form of cancer removal is similar to what is seen with Radiation Therapy or Radio Frequency Ablation, however, electrical signaling therapy helping to decrease the development of cancer is a new method of preventative treatments. Enhancing the signaling in our biological systems could be beneficial to our general health and could also be used as a treatment for specific conditions.

Rebuilding Nature

Not only could humans benefit from biological signaling, but other species could also. Any species that has electrical signaling can benefit from biological signaling therapy. All living things contain cells, and all cells utilize electrical signaling in order to function. In an era where the climate is dramatically changing from human interference, we can work to rebuild nature by further researching the therapeutic properties of artificially produced biological signals. Research has shown that Stochastic Resonance can be used to optimize the functioning of plants when tuned to the correct frequencies. Research has also shown that frequencies that are not in-tune with nature, such as artificial electrical signaling from nearby power lines, can be detrimental to nature.

Research has shown that when animals are too close to electrical lines or other artificial signals, it can be detrimental to their health and behavior. A species exposed frequently to artificial harmful signaling can interfere with their migration patterns, reproduction behavior, social behavior, and decrease the overall strength of the species. For animals with a nervous system, these artificial signals could gradually damage their nervous systems and affect their brain functions. Overall, decreasing the likelihood of the animal surviving in the wild. Therapeutic biological signaling could be an ethical way to heal species and support their migration patterns, reproductive patterns, and increase their ability to survive.