Precision Dosing System

Accugentix™ is developing a revolutionary dosing pen for liquid medications! To use, you would insert a cartridge, select a dose, and the liquid medication is accurately dispensed. You can dispense your liquid medications directly into your food, in drinks, onto a spoon for ingestion, and more.

General FAQ

The Precision Dosing System is ideal for at-home patient use, medical professional use, and for clinical research. It is convenient and brings peace of mind to patients who will not need to worry of over dosing or receiving too little medication. In a clinical setting, it would be ideal to have an automated system to prevent any miscalculations, avoid human error, and to automate the dose administration in the event that a healthcare worker is not present. In a research setting it is optimal to have a system that is adjustable and can be customized to the researchers needs. The use of this system could also be necessary, in order to minimize variability in an experiment.

The Precision Dosing System will simplify the steps of measuring a liquid medication and bring peace of mind to those who struggle with measuring their liquid medications. It will accurately measure the doses while also tracking dose information.

Pills are excellent when ingesting a medication that can be separated into pre-selected doses, however, when taking a half or quarter dose, pill cutting becomes less accurate.

Syringes are as accurate as the person using them. Not many people are trained in the proper use of a syringe. The Precision Dosing System takes all the guesswork out of measuring and automates the entire process.

The measuring device can be used with multiple types of liquid medications. For example: liquid pharmaceuticals, liquid supplements, medical cannabis tinctures, etc.
Patient testing will not be open to the public. Testing will be performed in an clinical research setting.

No information on the release of this product will be publicized yet. For more information, please submit a product inquiry.

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