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Accugentix LLC was officially founded in 2018 by Alainah Hacker, Founder & CEO. Alainah has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and a minor in Economics from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). She graduated Cum Laude with Honors in 2018 with a full academic scholarship. In 2013 Alainah enrolled at FGCU through an Early Admissions program and dedicated over 110+ hours of community service for STEM & Education events, Lee County Mosquito Control, etc. Alongside community service hours, Alainah has completed over 500 hours of tutoring K-12 & college level students. Throughout college, Alainah worked in the medical device industry part-time. Before graduating from FGCU, Alainah founded Accugentix LLC in January 2018 after spending many months developing ideas and filing multiple patent applications for dosing technologies. After graduating from college, Alainah had gained more experience in a medical device laboratory and also became a certified Special Needs Teacher for K-12 and certified Middle School math teacher. While working other jobs, Alainah focused on prototyping an Accugentix product and developing innovative ideas in the health industry.

The ideas for Accugentix began after Alainah attended a meeting at FGCU in Spring of 2017 with a local representative speaking on the issues of medical marijuana regulations in the state of Florida. Florida had just legalized medical marijuana in the state in 2016, and there were many questions on how the state would be regulating the use of a formerly illegal drug for medical patients. One of the main issues in the industry was dosing. Government and doctors could not regulate how much a medical marijuana patient was consuming. This is when Alainah brainstormed ideas and came to the conclusion that many industries within holistic & alternative medicine are unregulated and there is a lack of guidance for patients. The goal for Accugentix was the fill the gaps across many unregulated health industries. The concepts behind Accugentix are hidden the name: accurate treatments specific to a patient’s genetics. An example of this are micro-dosing tools, which allow patients to identify the most accurate dosing for their specific needs. Currently, the only device functionality Accugentix is developing is micro-dosing.

In 2020 Alainah experienced a catastrophic health incident. It took over 2 years to receive a formal medical diagnosis. She was formally diagnosed with Havana Syndrome by Dr. Hoffer of University of Miami Health. It was verified by Dr. Hoffer she was a victim of an unknown energy weapon that is used to cause damage the vestibular & nervous system of victims. Havana Syndrome was first publicized when US Government Embassy employees in Havana, Cuba experienced a severe attack upon their bodies, which results in physical brain trauma and vestibular damage. It was verified for Alainah by Dr. Hoffer that the same weapons used upon the US Government employees in Cuba were the same weapons used upon her in 2020. Her Havana Syndrome attacks have continued, along with a targeting of her identity. It is believed these attacks by an unknown energy weapon are because of market research Alainah did in 2020 on a unique science – Quantum Biology (also known as Quantum Sensing). It is suspected these quantum biological concepts Alainah was doing market research for are related to the unknown energy weapons used upon her. Her Havana Syndrome attacks strengthen when she works on Accugentix or whenever she attempts work in the fields of biology, physics, or engineering. Because of this, she is limited in the work she can do for Accugentix when considering her health. Please read ahead for more information on the future of Accugentix.

Future of Accugentix

While continuing to develop specialized dosing systems with multiple applications and methods of delivery, Accugentix will also be providing holistic health services and education to the public. Accugentix Founder & CEO, Alainah Hacker, is a holistic health expert, with detailed knowledge of human anatomy & physiology, evolutionary biology, biological signaling/energy, food science, spirituality, holistic health practices, and patient education. Alainah has been researching the best holistic lifestyle methods for peak human health. This includes physical & mental health treatments, spirituality, diet, supplements, and exercise. Alainah’s main goal is to help guide her clients away from artificial lifestyles and towards an enlightened path. This includes isolating from high EMF technologies, meditation, intermittent fasting, ancient diets, instinctual lifestyle choices, etc. Quantum sensing and biological signaling is the primary basis for all of Accugentix’s holistic health coaching and education. In the future, Accugentix will be one of the first businesses in the unique field of Biological Energy. Examples of potential future paths for Biological Energy may include specific human health treatments, healing damaged ecosystems, disease control, etc. More information will be coming soon.

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