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Accugentix™ is at the forefront of holistic healthcare and holistic environmental practices. Accugentix has been conducting research in the field of Quantum Biology, which could also be referred to as Quantum Sensing. Quantum sensing is the core function of Biology, including brain & nervous signaling, “Gut” senses, cellular functions, fertilization & meiosis, animal instincts & behavior, plant communications, and symbiotic relationships in an ecosystem. As humans increase the usage of artificial energy (electricity/electronics) it is guaranteed humans and the environment will experience a decline in biological functions. The constant exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiation (EMF & EMR) disrupts the quantum signaling of biological functions, resulting in harm to the person or living organism. A species that loses the ability to eat, think, function, behave, exercise, survive, is a species that could go extinct. Accugentix is actively researching and developing courses & tools to help the people strengthen their senses and live a holistically healthy life. Private research will be published on the website in the future. 


Accugentix™ will soon be offering educational materials and online courses. A main topic Accugentix courses will venture into is the strengthening of natural senses through ancient human habits in diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Another main topic is strengthening sensing in the field of medicine. Sensing in medical decisions, such as dosing and medication selection is very important for a person’s health. Courses will help provide the tools to people to strengthen their senses to live a holistically healthy life. 

Future Products

Accugentix™ is working to create Holistic Health tools that are intended to strengthen and support the natural senses of the user. An example of this is a Microdosing tool to allow patients sense their optimal dose. There is much to be explored in the field of Quantum Biology, and Accugentix is at the forefront of this movement. More information will be released in the future.


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