Here at Accugentix, we understand how difficult and complicated the dosing process is for Cannabis. Check out our Cannabis Doser System!

Our Patents Pending Cannabis Doser system is for ingesting medical cannabis oil/tinctures. It includes a measuring device, cartridges of CBD and/or THC oil, and a mobile tracking app. It will be available for companies to test in late summer 2019, and is anticipated to be released to the public in late 2019. 

Cannabis Doser Device

The device will be able to measure cartridges filled with CBD and/or THC oil by using the navigation buttons.

Cartridges of medical cannabis oil/tincture

Cartridges will be purchased through medical cannabis companies and then inserted into the device to be measured. 

Tracking App

The tracking app is used to automatically track the patient’s doses of medical cannabis. 

Medical Cannabis/CBD patients:

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Medical Cannabis/CBD Companies:

We are looking for medical cannabis/CBD companies to partner with. Prototypes will be ready in the late summer of 2019 for companies to test. We are hoping to have the products available to the public by the end of this year. Please contact us if you would like to be put on the list to sample one of our prototypes later this summer.