About Our Products:

Here at Accugentix, we understand how difficult and complicated the dosing process is for CBD oil. Some CBD oil bottles give one dose, while another CBD oil bottle gives a completely different dose. Even online articles are contradictory, which is not helpful when you’re trying to find a dose that is best for you. It gets especially confusing when you have to start calculating concentrations and the amount of CBD in each drop. This is why Accugentix is designing a CBD oil device that does all the calculations for you. All you have to do is choose how much CBD in milligrams you want to ingest, and the device does everything else for you. Along with doing all the calculations for you, the device is also accurate and precise in its measurement of the CBD oil, which means you can track exactly how much CBD you are ingesting. We are also developing and app to go along with this device, to help people visually track their progress and view their usage. 

Dose Dropper

The Dose Dropper is a hand-held dispenser specifically for CBD oil (Available Fall 2018).

 Patent Pending

How it works:

In order to use this device, you must download the Accugentix App (coming soon) and you must purchase the Dose Dropper Cartridges containing CBD oil. Multiple popular brands of CBD oil will be available for purchase in our cartridges. Each cartridge contains multiple doses of CBD oil, so you will not have to remove it from the device until it is empty.

Steps of using the device:

  1. Insert the Dose Dropper Cartridge of CBD oil
  2. Choose your dose of CBD in milligrams
  3.  Select the OK button and your dose of CBD oil will be dispensed
  4. Sync Device data with the Accugentix App

Everything is calculated for you. You only have to choose the dose that you want and the device and app does the rest for you.

Expected Release Date:

The device is expected to be released in Fall of 2018.

If you are interested in testing our prototypes ahead of Fall 2018, please contact us on the “Contact Us” page.

Cartridges of CBD oil

The Dose Dropper Cartridges contain CBD oil, and they will be sold separately from the Dose Dropper device. The cartridges will be available for purchase the same time as the Dose Dropper device (Fall 2018).

The cartridges will contain multiple popular brands of CBD oil (details coming soon). These cartridges are specifically for the Dose Dropper, so they cannot be used for any other devices, like vape pens. The Dose Dropper Cartridges will be available in packs of four cartridges. You may choose to have the same brand and flavor for all four cartridges in your pack, or you may choose to mix and match different brands and flavors. First time users are encouraged to purchase a mix match pack of cartridges. The price will vary depending on the type of CBD oil inside the cartridges.

Accugentix App

The Accugentix App can be used with the Dose Dropper device, or on its own.

The first version of the app can be purchased to help you calculate your dose of CBD oil and helps you track your consumption of CBD. Expected release date: Summer 2018

The second version of the app will have the same functions as the first version, but it will also be compatible with the Dose Dropper device. The device will sync with the app, allowing you to track your progress and view your usage of CBD oil. Expected release date: Fall 2018

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